How it all began:

Symbolizing the recent current mood of the presidential election, bobble head designers Jed Sho & Dave Ramy have created a one of a kind collector’s items – It’s the first ever, patented limited edition Presidential Bobble Fingers brought to you by

FU Presidents offers unique bobble head dolls with a twist! Each bobble head figure is modeled after political figures– giving the traditional one fingered salute. The irreverent, satirical toys are perfect gifts to those who want to capture the cynical nature of the current political environment.

“We always love that special unique item, that toy or memorabilia that makes you go ‘I want one.’ We needed to start big and what can be bigger than the greatest competition of all time (no not the Olympics) but the presidential elections!” States Jed & Dave. “We want this nation to understand that we must support our candidates with the notorious & historical one-fingered salute! We can’t wait to see who’s the winner or loser of this campaign and our items are a unique way to show support. Let’s take campaigning to the next level with our bobble fingers!”

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About Bobblefingers:

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca in early 80’s, Jed and Dave met in nursery school and became life-long friends. This lifelong friendship continued well into college and university where the two earned bachelor’s degrees in business and pre-med. They also attended graduate school in law and real estate. They have dropped out of their PHD /MD / ESQ/ JDMBA/ MBA courses to follow their passion in the American dream.

But despite all conventional wisdom Jed and Dave embarked on a new direction for themselves, a more irreverent direction.

“One night at a glorious Lakers game,” explained Dave, “We saw a fan doing the one fingered salute screaming at the top of his lungs and we figured if that’s how the fans want it then let’s give it to them. So we set out on creating Bobblefingers in order to make the ultimate rivalry and Fun fan base. Our passion is to create in every competition a spot for the die heart fan no matter what the contest. We want every fan to own a bobble finger asserting their faith in their team or creed, because nothing says we won better than the bobbling image of your hero’s finger!”

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