Trump Fidget Spinner


This is a Limited Edition Patriotic President Donald Trump Fidget spinner with the American Flag as the background. The Star and President of our country, Donald Trump, is Giving the Reassuring Smile on the center of the Spinner which is stationary when spinning – so your friends can see the design while he's spinning like a tornado. The Design is the 2-sided “OLD GLORY” Red, White, and Blue Distressed style (like Nice Jeans) American Flag with the Stars and Stripes All Over both sides of the hand spinner. And when YOU spin it – It Looks like The 4th of July Fireworks. (check out the pic). Our Donald Trump Spinners are Heavyweight Spinners that Feel Solid and Look like High Quality that You can Feel Confident to Leave on your desk to make your “DESK GREAT AGAIN” You will not see any spinner more exciting, fun, American, and HOT! to show off to your friends than this one. Everyone wants one but not everyone is Trump Enough to have one. They Come in a white windowed box for easy Gifting.

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  • ORIGINAL President Donald Trump Smiling Fidget Hand Spinner with American Flag faded Body.
  • “Make Spinners Great Again” High-Speed Heavy Weight Executive Style & Quality Multicolored Spinner for the Home or Office or on the Go
  • Donald’s Face is always Smiling- “Face is Stationary” – Whether on the table or in your hand- he can spin and smile
  • 2-Sided Picture and Design, No Matter Which Way – He’s Looking Back and Making America Great
  • NEW IN BOX, ready for Gifts, or just to show everyone – YOU HAVE the Coolest Spinner

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 x 3.5 x .5 in


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